nick dantona fine art photography

Welcome to Behind the Photograph -with Nick Dantona

Welcome to the inaugural installment of Behind the Photograph. Its intention is to exhibit the special nature of our golf course through the photographs I’ve had the privilege to make over the last seven years (and counting!). I’ll provide a little back-story to each image for additional interest. Madison has also suggested that I sprinkle in some shots from my fine art catalog.

14th Hole. Pre-drone. Trying to figure out the Cherry Picker’s bucket. Wayne is yelling something at me. I think its instructions. Then I hear the unmistakable sound of Hot Air Balloon’s burner. Now I get it. Wayne is yelling, “DA BALLOON!!” No time set up the tripod. I get three shots off before it is out of frame. Only one shot has the reflection in the pond. So, I’m offering a 10% discount to anyone who’s scored an Uno on this hole. The Honor system is good enough for me. Thanks, Wayne!   Click here to learn more.

Title: Cappadoccia Sunrise Flight

Certain things require an act of faith. This photo was taken at sunrise, high above Cappadocia, Turkey. Being in a cane basket next to a flamethrower shooting flames into a balloon wasn’t the unnerving part. The unnerving part was being up there with all these other balloons, some coming within several yards of us, while the pilots were screaming at each other in Turkish. I could only imagine what they were saying, but it didn’t sound pretty. Click here to learn more.